Join The CxR Festival

The 2019 CxR Fashion Festival is an outdoor festival featuring vendors, artists, and designers from many different industries. The festival is taking place July 7th, 2019 @12pm at The Eastern located @ 3434 Russell St, Detroit, MI. Though our focus is on fashion we do encourage all those interested in showcasing there work to reach out to us! We also encourage vendors to set up carnival style games for guest to play and draw attention to your booth.

There will be out door stages, the DR stage for performing arts such and musicians and dancers. And the SYX Stage which will be like an "open mic" runway for fashion designers to showcase there brand during the festival. We will have a DJ curating the music for both stages. 

The main event, The CxR Fashion Show, will take place at 7pm inside The Eastern event center located next door to the festival. 

This will be a great event to sell merchandise, market your business, connect with new clients and customers.


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