Intern at CxR



Anyone can be beautiful. Can you be special, different and completely unique with your style? Also, can you empower awareness from your enrollment inevitably inciting ambition, culture, productivity and excitement from our enterprise to our customers? We looks for those with the drive to pursue modeling as a serious career profession. In return, for a creditable portfolio and possible partnerships with Carmella x Rosella LLC, We [The CxR Team] ensure every model could call the CxR family home. A safe space to express theirselves freely and produce leadership throughout their communities.



Photography /Design and Media

Photography is not a vision. Photography is capturing what others can’t see and capturing that, which makes a difference between high fashion culture and instagram worthy posts. No only does photography convey our image, but successfully creates original, non-repetitive ideas that puts us beyond all other competitors. We want ever crew member to see the greatness inside of them, with this we can achieve so much more. When we seek a life of putting all past endeavors behind us and look to all of the magic we can create our dreams can truly become unstoppable. Ask yourself this, If I lost all my bad/down memories, what could my future look like? Now, take what you see and apply it to your life, with this you can look at life through a new lens and capture the beauty yet to come.




Our finance team is the head of our family. Our finance team runs the show, controls our budget, puts a plan in action to triple revenue and lastly ensures our money is safe. This is a trusted position. Our money makes us more money and without a responsible person on our side everything we’ve worked for could fail. Greed and envy are the worst attributes to possess. Truly, nothing comes from negativity. Which is why we thrive on participation and supportive crew members committee on the success of or brand and success of theirselves.




Anyone can be a fashion designer, but not everyone can design for Carmella x Rosella. Designing is the heart of the family. Our designers take us to the future by sometimes having influences of the past. Our designers are there every step of the way with control to express their image in a safe, supportive and independent environment. We value you because you give value to us.




Public Relations

Public Relations is the rock holding the CxR team down. This position description includes networking, promoting, controlling our image, custom service and satisfaction and lastly transforming and growing the brand to be amazing. 



If you think you have what it takes to join the CxR team email in 300 words or more.